CIS has completed thousands for projects for our clients.  Below are representative examples of our project experience:

Dulles International Airport Taxiway “F” Tunnel, Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, Virginia

Designed ±50-ft high modular block retaining wall to support airport taxiway at ends of tunnel. Incorporated steel strip reinforcement. Design included internal and global stability analyses.

Palmer Property, Arlington, Virginia

Performed geotechnical exploration, provided recommendations and construction monitoring for 23-unit townhouse development constructed on alluvial (stream) deposits. Incorporated lime and geogrid soil stabilization.

Rockville Theater, Rockville, MD

Geotechnical Engineer of record. Performed subsurface geotechnical exploration and provided recommendations for reduction of lateral earth pressures for ±35-ft below-grade foundation wall.




Ladiesburg Road Extensions, Union Bridge, MD

Performed geotechnical evaluation of subsurface soil and rock conditions in Karst Terrain (limestone) for highway and railroad, including fracture trace analysis review, percussion drilling and rock core quality evaluations.


Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Prince George’s County, MD

Designed ±35-ft tall geogrid reinforced near-vertical embankments supporting heavy construction haul road. Analyses included global stability as well as 2-part and 3-part wedge analyses using the ReSSA computer program.